juice shots


Whether you are looking for a quick pick me up, morning boost or a nightly refresh these shots are there for you.

All 2oz, nutrient dense and of course no sugar added.

*NEW* feature – Lemon | Ginger | Honey  – Incredibly refreshing with the right amount of ginger spice! Shoot it back on its own or add to warm water for the most delicious warm beverage.

hercules – Parsley | Green Apple | Ginger | Chlorella | Spirulina  – This is your morning go to. Filled full of chlorophyll to help pull toxins while jump starting that metabolism.

holy Shot – Orange | Cayenne | Ginger | Turmeric – Feeling run down? That icky feeling lingering around? A quick shot of this warming 2oz booster will help build that immune system to fight off whatever is fighting you.

charcoal – Activated Charcoal | Coconut Water | Lemon | Agave  – This is your before bed shot. Think of it as a face mask for your digestive track. It will work while you sleep, but be sure to drink water with and first thing in the morning to help pull it out of your system.

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