Cold-pressed is a term that describes the process of a hydraulic press that does not use centrifugal force or friction to extract juice from the whole vegetable or fruit. Instead it crushes and slowly ‘presses’, separating the liquid from the pulp. This ensures the product is raw, unpasteurized and chalked full of the good stuff.
Think of cold pressed juice like a fresh salad; full of goodness, raw and highly perishable. Refrigerate your juice as soon as you are able and always check the little sticker near the bottom of the bottle. Our suggestion: Best to drink within 72 hours of extraction for optimal nutrient density.
Mostly fiber. The insoluble fiber (pulp) is removed by about 90% through the juicing process. The remaining liquid (juice) contains a multitude of vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants, which are easily absorbed into your bloodstream, therefore requiring less energy to break down and distribute throughout your body, Finally, relief for the digestive system.

Currently we offer delivery throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas for a flat rate of $12.00. Straight to your door, that’s what we’re talking about!

Our delivery days are Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Delivery window is 3-6pm on your desired day. If you require alternate times, please connect with us and we can organize.

Our pick up days are Sunday-Saturday at either our St. Albert or Edmonton location. You can select which option works best for you on the checkout page.

All online orders will require 12-24hrs to complete.

Not interested in delivery? No problem! You can find our juice at the following locations:

Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club – Collab Counter with Just Bite Me Meals – 205A Carnegie Dr, St. Albert

Main Storefront – Edmonton – 17633 114 Ave NW.

Drink up. Our juices are 100% gluten free and plant based!

Connect with us for a more direct look at how we can help you. We promote maintaining a healthy relationship with food, and like to discuss your goals and healing journey before any recommendations. For a printable version of our menu and cleanse options see below.

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